Alberta Weather on YouTube: Edmonton Tornado July 31, 1987 (Black Friday) VIDEO – Rare Extended Version

Edmonton Tornado July 31, 1987 (Black Friday) VIDEO – Rare Extended Version
After the July 31, 1987 Edmonton tornado, the Canadian Weather Service’s Alberta Weather Centre, put together a compilation of videos they had received and for which they had the owners’ approval to use . At the time, this was the most videotaped tornado ever recorded in the world.

Later, more videos were sent to the weather office. They decided to make an extended version of the original video to include some of those tapes. Only a very small number of copies were made available. It is presented here for non-commercial purposes.

This devastating EF4 tornado was one of only 3 EF4 or EF5 tornadoes in North America that year. The 15 deaths at the Evergreen Trailer Park was also the greatest tornado death toll at a trailer park in North American up to that time.

That first shorter tornado compilation can be found here: , though it’s entirely contained in this extended version. No production credits were on this shorter version to help save production costs, at the time (each letter cost money at the production studio). They were added on this extended version but they are also the same (but uncredited) credits for the original shorter video.

For dramatic live news coverage as the event unfolded, check out this YouTube link:

Trivia: the narrator (Robert Corness) was the same narrator for the intro to the old SCTV television comedy show.
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